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How to Multiply your Income and Impact Through Personal Branding
5 Steps to Superbrandme Webinar
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Are You Struggling to Brand Yourself?

Struggle 1
Are you unsure of how to promote yourself on social media to get the most effective engagement?

struggle 2
Do you struggle to differentiate yourself from your peers to attract and retain your ideal client?

Struggle 3
Are you unable to align your content with your purpose and communicate that to your target clients?

An outstanding personal brand is paramount to achieving your goals and scaling up. 

It sets you apart from others and delivers your distinct personality, vision and purpose to your clients.

If you are a
- Financial Adviser
- Real Estate Consultant
- Coach / Trainer
- Business Owner or Entrepreneur

then this webinar by Eugene Seah is for you!

Eugene will be sharing 5 concrete and tested steps to Superbrand Yourself!

Don’t hesitate and maximise the opportunity to kick-start your journey!

About Your Host
Eugene Seah
abundance life coach
founder of trainium academy

Eugene Seah is an abundance life coach with many expertise, including mindset transformation, personal branding, stakeholder persuasion and wealth strategy. 

He believes conventional brand specialization is an outdated concept to be replaced with brand ecosystems featuring many business interests synergizing with each other. 

Leveraging on his unique "Superbrand Me" methods, he has been featured many times on newspapers, radio and TV, as well as speaking around the world about abundance and future-readiness. 

He volunteers in many non-profits and believes in spreading abundance to every person and organisation. 

What People Say About Eugene
poh liang seng
In 2021, I took the plunge and engaged SuperBrand Me coach, Eugene Seah , to help me in the area of branding.

With his help, I had launched my own website

More than just branding, it also allows me to discover my distinct personality, vision and purpose. 

With his intensive coaching, I am able to discover my blindspots and become a better version of myself, ultimately achieving the coveted MDRT title after being 10 years in the financial industry. 

So thank you Eugene! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve and live a life of abundance.
Sofie Hon
Founder & Life Coach,
Eugene was able to succinctly put into words what I genuinely stood for so my audience could easily capture how I could help them.

Since working with Eugene I have felt more confident in representing myself, strategised greater impact for my skills and passion, doubled my income, and improved my visibility by three-fold. 

The biggest outcome so far was being featured in the national papers, an opportunity I would not have had without Eugene.

Eugene is humble, sincere and heart-centered and I highly recommend anyone who wants genuine results to work with him.
Caleb Low
The Brand Coach
2B Compass
I was a struggling Image Consultant who only earned $1000 over 2 years.

But all that changed the moment Eugene said these words..."Caleb, you are NOT an image consultant. You are a Perception Strategist!"

Suddenly, i saw possibilities that I had never once seen.

Within 2 weeks, I closed my first official client for $2,500.

Another 2 weeks later, I closed my 2nd client for $2,500.

And 3 weeks later, I closed my 3rd client for $2,500.

Today, my clients are Lawyers, Executive Coaches, Serial Biz Owners, Sales Trainers, Millionaires & Top Salespersons.

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