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1-on-1 Coach-the-coach program

This is the most powerful coaching package that fast-tracks your success as a coach.

As Eugene's 1-on-1 client, he will focus his attention on you, and guide you step-by-step to achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Well known for his extreme creativity, he specialises in coaching his 1-on-1 clients to generate breakthrough ideas that multiply their income and impact as a coach.

He also enjoys leveraging on his many networks and tribes, to help his clients to gain a following and get coaching clients in the fastest way possible.

Based on his decade-long experience in media relations and his relationships with the journalists, he has also been helping his 1-on-1 clients to craft their pitch to be featured in public media, thus raising their profile in the most powerful way.

Bottomline: Eugene will do whatever it takes to help you succeed!!!

  • 1 hour of Online or Face-to-Face 1-on-1 coaching every week to fast track your success
  • ​Guaranteed media exposure within 12 months
  • Access to at least 10 pre-recorded videos on a wide range of topics that have helped Eugene succeed
  • ​Invitation to exclusive Facebook group for Eugene's coachees for ongoing Q&A
  • ​Complimentary pass to Eugene's life-transforming 1-day "Abundance Retreat" (worth $1,997) x 4 sessions per year
  • ​Unlimited phone access to Eugene's personal line

Sofie Hon
Founder & Life Coach, 

Eugene was able to succinctly put into words what I genuinely stood for so my audience could easily capture how I could help them.

Since working with Eugene I have felt more confident in representing myself, strategised greater impact for my skills and passion, doubled my income, and improved my visibility by three-fold. The biggest outcome so far was being featured in the national papers, an opportunity I would not have had without Eugene.

Eugene is humble, sincere and heart-centered and I highly recommend anyone who wants genuine results to work with him.

Liu Yuan Tai
Founder & Life Coach
Happy Man Club

I met Eugene about a year and a half ago, during one of his "Superbrand Me" workshops, and it has been a really great blessing to get to know him as a friend, mentor and personal coach. 

Back then, I was just about a year and a half into my entrepreneurship journey, and I was not clear on the direction and focus. Before I met Eugene, I was unable to get clients to pay me for my coaching, as I was neither credible nor recognized for my services.

Fast forward to today, I have clients paying me $980 per month for my one on one coaching, thanks to Eugene who has helped me to improve on my mindset and strategies in business and personal branding.

It is also Eugene who got me featured in media: on Money FM as well as the Straits Times!

Hence, till today, I am even more committed to my vision of spreading happiness, through helping others in their own journeys. #behelpfulbehappy

It all started because I was inspired by Eugene's #sayyestoabundance !

What are you waiting for today? If you are on this page, it is not by chance. Join the movement today, to spread abundance and happiness.

1-on-1 coach-the-coach program

Item Price (USD)
$30,000 Annual
$16,500 Semi-Annually
$8,991 Quarterly
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