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Mastermind Trio Coaching

This coaching package is perfect for entrepreneurs who enjoy masterminding with an exclusive and intimate group of professionals from different fields.

Eugene will coach all 3 professionals at the same time, and each session will be packed with synergies and concrete ideas to achieve the goals of all 3 involved.

How it works:

  • 1 hour of Online or Face-to-Face Group Coaching every 2 weeks
  • Access to at least 10 pre-recorded videos on a wide range of topics that have helped Eugene succeed
  • ​Invitation to exclusive Facebook group for Eugene's coachees for ongoing Q&A
  • ​Complimentary pass to Eugene's life-transforming 1-day "Abundance Retreat" (worth $1,997) x 1 session per year
  • ​​Unlimited phone access to Eugene's personal line

Caleb Low
The Brand Coach
2B Compass

I was a struggling Image Consultant who only earned $1000 over 2 years.

But all that changed the moment Eugene said these words..."Caleb, you are NOT an image consultant. You are a Perception Strategist!"

Suddenly, i saw possibilities that I had never once seen.

Within 2 weeks, I closed my first official client for $2,500.

Another 2 weeks later, I closed my 2nd client for $2,500.

And 3 weeks later, I closed my 3rd client for $2,500.

Today, my clients are Lawyers, Executive Coaches, Serial Biz Owners, Sales Trainers, Millionaires & Top Salespersons.

On top of that, I'm working on an international project with Cloudbae (A subsidiary of The Alibaba Group), the Nanning Municipal Government & the Singapore Government.

Jeremey Sea
Senior Manager, Commercial Marketing APAC

Eugene Seah lied to me. Let me explain.

I reflected about the past 12 months since I started this journey and remembered how tough it was.

I had to juggle family, work and the homework from Eugene’s coaching. It was painful and uncomfortable to be constantly challenged beyond my comfort zone.

But boy was it worth it!

Eugene forced me to develop deeper insights into the retail industry, and surprisingly even improved my job performance.

He challenged me to be better at what I do with his selfless sharing and mindset framing. He made me accountable to what I set out to do.

Those around witnessed the transformation in me. 

Eugene lied to me. He said this is a personal branding coaching, but it’s not. I felt that it’s more a life coaching and I’ve grown so much.

Eugene, a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know this is just the beginning of an abundant life.

Mastermind Trio Coaching

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