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My Story

In 2013, I lost my job. A year and hundreds of rejections later, I became very broke and lost.
All my life, I followed a tried and test path of studying hard and working hard but still ended up with a near-empty bank account and a confused state of mind.

In 2015, I decided I've had enough of living this kind of life and decided to do an experiment with my own life.

I wanted to see if it's possible to do what I love to do and still make lots of money to provide a good life for my loved ones. Many people told me it will be very difficult, if not impossible.

I thought to myself, if not now, then when? I don't want to end up doing any job just to pay the bills. I wanted to live a life overflowing with joy and meaning, and abundant with resources to help others.

The experiment took longer than I expected. It took 3 years before I saw spectacular results, and another 3 years before I could create a framework to explain the results.

This book is the result of that experiment.

It is written for people like me - those who want to achieve your life goals and feel joy and fulfilment in the process. Those who want to multiply your impact while growing your income. Those who can see the deeper meaning of personal branding, and want to leverage on this power to maximise our potential.

If this resonates with you, come join this journey of Superbrand Me, and say yes to abundance with me. 
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20% of book proceeds will go to the 
Children's Cancer Foundation

About the Author

Eugene Seah calls himself a reformed corporate zombie, and found his life's calling when he lost his job in 2013. 

As a life coach, he makes it his personal mission to spread the abundance mindset wherever he goes. To date he has been invited to many countries, and also interviewed frequently in the newspapers, TV and radio. 

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What The Book Looks Like

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What People Say About Eugene

Muhd Ibnur Rashad
Social Entrepreneur
““ Attending Eugene’s masterclasses and coaching sessions has helped me find greater clarity and focus in whatever I do. He shared a very effective advice that resonated much with me: In growing our business, we need to always build relationships and grow diverse ecosystems to support our life’s purpose in this world. Having an abundance mindset as coached by him gives me the courage and hope to experiment and try new ways of doing things”

Alessia Landi
Scientist, A*ccelerate
"Eugene gave me renewed energy and motivation to work together towards a common goal. One
of his lessons particularly stuck with me: “choose goals that are bigger than your fears”. I have been applying this to every area of my life since then and it completely changed me. Thank you Eugene!"

Andrew Chow
Famous Author and Speaker
““Five years may not see many changes in a person’s development, but not Eugene  Seah. Since 2015 when he was fresh from a career change, he has developed to be a tribe leader and a well-established coach to his peers. Versatility is his middle name. Positive Energy is his essence. The next 5 years, you will see exponential growth. Grow alongside with him. He is a living testimony of living a life
of abundance.””

Liu Yuantai
Founder, Happy Man Club
"Before I met Eugene, I was
unable to get clients to pay me for my coaching, as I was neither credible nor recognized for my
services. Fast forward to today, I have clients paying me $980 per month for my one on one
coaching, thanks to Eugene who has helped me to improve on my mindset and strategies in
business and personal branding."

Sofie Hon
Founder of HeartyWorkLife
““Since working with Eugene I have felt more confident in representing myself, strategised greater impact for my skills and passion, doubled my income, and improved my visibility by three-fold. The biggest outcome so far was being featured in the national papers, an opportunity would not have had without Eugene.”

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